About the Layout

This div layers is called "A Second Chance to Live," and features the little (and cute!) girl, Rin, from Inuyasha. Okay, I haven't actually seen an episode of her or really seen her in the TV show yet (haven't been watching the show lately XD) but she's there. And based on her bio., she seems to be pretty sympathetic and full of courage. ^_~ Anyways, there are 3 div layers in this layout; image of Rin, main for your contents, and links for your...links. Shouldn't be too confusing and too hard to handle. I got the image of Rin from kaze no kizu: inuyasha, in case you're wondering. I also tried a griddin effect, plus did a bit more effects to make Rin's kimono have some outlines and designs on the black patches of her kimono, including her hair, surprisingly. ^_~

Using the Layout

Pretty simple. Once you've uploaded everything in the .zip file to your site, go to rin_index.html , and replace all the contents in the main and link div layer with your own contents. And if you don't like the font and font colors I chose for this layout, then go to rin_style.css and replace the font and font colors with what you want, too. Be aware that the inuyasha_rin.jpg file is the main image of Rin at the top, so don't get rid of it or this design won't work out properly. Also note that the inuyasha_rinbg.jpg file is the background of this layout, so don't get rid of it either, or this layout won't work properly. All those 4 files are essential to making this layout work.


Besides the 4 essential files, I have also included an extra file, blank button to be exact, that matches with this layout. So if you would like to use it, the file name is rin_bb.gif. If you don't need it, then you can just delete it. Below is how it looks like:

Copyrights & Credits

Very thorough in explaining my designs huh? Oh well, it's the end so you can relax and don't have to read much after this. Anyways, if you are going to use this layout, you must leave the copyright statment below ALONE. It links back to Lovely Designs. I deserve the right to be credited for creating this layout. So please, leave it alone. But don't forget to replace "Your name/ site" with your name/site. If you don't follow this, then please don't use this design either. And please do not try to also re-edit or customize this layout and claim it as yours, or steal the button and use it for other purposes that don't concern this layout either. Believe me, other people have taken icons I made for some of the layouts I have created, and are using it for other purposes, and not for the purpose of the design itself. And please do not try to edit the image either. If you want the same image, then go to the link above where I got the image instead. Don't take anything directly off this layout without going to the resource first, please. Thank you.

That's all I have to say. Sorry for my meticulous speech. Anyways, enjoy the layout!! ^^

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