About this Layout
Wow, never expected this layout to turn out as good as I imagined. ^^;; LoL. Anyways, this is a div layers layout featuring one of the characters from Fruits Basket! Hope you guys like it. Gracious thanks to Dai Bouken's Fruits Basket Site for the original image of the person featured in the layout (where I found it). ^_^ Since the person seemed quite expressionless and mysterious, I decided to title this layout "Alone...but not afraid."

Using this Layout
Basically once you've downloaded the .zip file of this layout and extracted all it's files to a seperate folder on your disk drive, upload all of it in the same or main directory as to where your site is. Among the files is one called "a_index.html"--this is your main file, or the home page of everything if you use it (from the layout images and coding to your own content). Just replace all the stuff in the main section and navigation section with your own stuff (except the credits section--leave that in--see below for more information). And if you happen to dislike some of the colors I chose for this layout, go to the file titled "style.css" and change the colors to your own desire. Don't forget to also replace "!--Site Title Here--!" with your own site title as well.

Any Extras?
Yes, there are extras! Two of them to be exact: one blank avatar, and one blank button. You can see them below. They're not necessarily important and you may delete them if you wish.

Giving Credit
As I said in the "Using this Layout" section above, please leave the "Credits" section in the navigation alone. This layout was made by me, Christine, at Lovely Designs, and the original image of the person featured in the layout was found at Dai Bouken's Fruits Basket Site. Please do not be rude and break this simple rule (or catch). Or if you'd like an alternative, you may instead move the links to a seperate "Credits" page and give both sites credit there. ^_^ Oh, and below, don't forget to also replace "Your name/site" with your name or site name as well. If you have any concerns about this layout, please email me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Thank you. And enjoy this layout! ^-^

Your name/site. All rights reserved.