About the Layout

This is a div layers design titled "Identity," and features both Daisuke and Dark from D.N. Angel. Isn't it cute? ^^ LoL. Anyways, the graphics of them came from Animewallpapers.de and this design consists of 3 different div layers; one for the image; the main for your contents; and the links section for your...links and extra small things. This design's priority, besides style, is to help harbor a lot of space for contents and all. So if you have a big site or have a lot of things on it, then this design is just what you'd be looking for. This design is pretty simple to understand, so don't get too worried about getting confused if you decide to use this design.

Using the Layout

Easy as pie. Once you've downloaded the .zip file, unzip it using the program WinZip and extract everything into a folder and upload everything into your main directory (or where ever directory you want to put it in) of where ever you site is hosted. There are only four files to this layout, the image, the background, the index, and the css sheet. All the contents will atleast be named with "dn" or "identity" so you shouldn't have any problems finding them. Okay anyways, leave the image and background alone, and go to the dna_index.html and edit all the contents there with your own. And if you don't like the colors and fonts I chose for the design, go to the "identity.css" file and edit the colors and fonts with what you want. That's pretty much about it, and you're as good as ready to go. Oh, and at the bottom is the copyright statement; don't forget to replace "your name/site" with your name or site name, too. If you have any problems, then just contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Copyrights and Credits

Like I said a while ago, there will be a copyright statement below, link back to this site. In order to use this design, you MUST leave that copyright statement below alone. Only replace the "your name/site" with your name/site name. The rest of it must be left alone and you must link back to this site. If you can't follow this rule, then please don't use this layout because it'd be unfair to me since I created the design. Even though if this design is free, you must abide by the copyright rules for each design. It's just simple and easy to follow.

Okay, this design is good and ready to go. Enjoy! ^_^

Your name/site. Design by Lovely Designs.