About this 404 Page
A nice, small 404 page for Inuyasha fans around the world. ;] Also features the flea, Myouga. Credit goes to Inu-Yasha Moon for the wonderful image of Inuyasha and his fateful flea. I also added in a bit of abstract art of my own to brighten the image up and give it some...flare. XD

Using It
Download the .zip file, and open it with an unzipping program like Filzip, Winzip, etc. Extract the files to your hard drive, and upload them onto your site. Rename 404.html to 404.shtml, instead--so it'll stand as your 404 page if someone goes to a link that does not exist on your site. Edit the 404.html page with your own little message in this, here, box. And if you don't like some of the colors or fonts I chose for this 404 page, you may edit style.css to your own likings.

Don't Forget the Credits
At the bottom of this 404 page is a small credits section with two links below it. Please be kind and do not get rid of those links while you use this page. Credit rightfully goes to Inu-Yasha Moon for the image of Inuyasha and Myouga, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for creating this layout. If you have any other concerns to this layout, you may contact me via email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy this 404 error page!!

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