About this 404 Page
Hello, I hope you like this 404 error page. =) This 404 page is coded in div layers, and features an abstract art made by me, and Adobe Photoshop. Matches nicely if your site's layout is dark and/or red, too. ^_~

How to Use It
Nothing hard, really. Just rename "404.html" to "404.shtml" and edit that file; replace the contents in the "content" div layer with your own content or message of what you want to say to people who encounter a 404 error at your site. And if you happen to not like the font, colors, etc. that I have picked out for this layout, then you can edit "style.css" for that and put things to your own likings. =)

All the way down/below, you'll should see the "404 page by" part. Please do NOT remove that as long as you are using this 404 page. I (at Lovely Designs) have the right to be credited for making this 404 page. Please don't be rude and claim this page as your own. If you rather not give me credit directly on the 404 page, then you can take the alternative and make a separate Credits page and (or if you already have a Credits page) give credit (and link back) to me from there. If you have any other concerns prior to this 404 page, then contact me at the following email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Thank you, and enjoy! ^_^

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