. about this 404 layout .
This is a simple 404 tables layout; it features Chii from the anime Chobits. Many thanks goes to Chobits Art, where the original image of Chii was found at. Filters and effects were done by me in Adobe Photoshop. It kind of took me a while to figure out the background color and the table's background color...but I'd say everything turned out nice. =)

. how to use it .
Remember to rename the 404_index.html file to just 404.shtml so it'll work. In 404_index.html, make sure you leave the places that hold the words "LEAVE BLANK" alone, please. Just only replace whatever's in the middle table with your own contents. And if you'd like to change some of the colors, 404_style.css is the file you'll need to look into if you want to do so. All images contained within the .zip are also important to this layout--so don't delete any of them.

. credits .
Below you'll see a "Credits" followed by two links. Please have respect and do not remove either links, or if not there, then make separate "Credits" page and put it there. Credit goes to Chobits Art for the original image of Chii, and also to me (at Lovely Designs) for making the layout. If you have any concerns with this layout, please contact me at this email address: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

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Credits: Chobits Art, Lovely Designs.