About this 404 Layout
This 404 layout is basically simple--but I do hope you like the abstract art I touched up above (aka the main image). ^_~ LoL. Erm...not really much to say about this--I felt it best that 404 pages are usually kept simple and not to detailed (like heavy coding). It shouldn't be too often that your visitors run into 404 Errors now, do they?

Using It
There are only three images to this layout, a .css, and a .shtml file. Don't forget to rename the 404_page.shtml file to plainly just 404.shtml. And if you happen to not like some of the colors, then go to 404_style.css for that. Anyways, in the 404_page.shtml, basically just replace all these contents with your own stuff--whatever you'd like your visitors to read if they run into a 404 Error (which would usually an include an "oops" and "sorry" message, including a link back to your hompage and also a link of your email address).

Credit goes to...
Credit goes to me for making this 404 error layout--so don't remove my link from below okay? Otherwise, if you don't want to give me credit there then you can link back to me on your "Credits" page or wherever you acknowledge those you give credit to if you use this 404 error layout. ^_~ If you have any concerns, please contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

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